Responsibility is part of Algol Group's strategy and everyday work

Get to know Algol's sustainability goals for 2022.


Algol social responsibility

Social responsibility

As a family enterprise we foster entrepreneurship, smooth collaboration and the ability to react rapidly. The most important task of our employees is to create long-term relations based on mutual trust with our customers and business partners.

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Financial responsibility

By operating profitably we create the foundation for the continued operations of our company, its financial independence and the wellbeing of all employees. Risk management is an integral part of financial responsibility and a vital aspect of our business management.

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Financial Responsibility
Algol Environment responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We minimise the environmental impact of our operations and use natural resources efficiently. We continuously improve our practices and guidelines. We make sure that all employees are aware of these guidelines and their implications for their work.

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Code of Business Conduct

Algol strives to build long-term relations with customers, suppliers and other business partners based on the principles of mutual trust and confidence. We keep our business partners informed of the contents of this Code. We expect them to conduct their own business in a manner that does not conflict with this Code.

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Algol Code of Business Conduct
Algol responsibility deeds

Get to know our responsibility deeds

Read about our responsibility deeds. We tell about our responsibility work through short stories that we call responsibility deeds. They describe our concrete deeds and provide illustrative examples of how responsibility is manifested within the Algol Group.

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We use responsibility indicators to report on our responsibility work.

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Algol Corporate Responsibility Indicators