Story and purpose

Trading involves responsibility for customers, suppliers, employees and society as a whole. We believe that international trade promotes global understanding, peaceful coexistence and stability. We are active in lines of business in which our own contribution, and that of our partners, can have a positive impact on the environment, on health and on safety.

As an active owner, the Algol Group strives to support and develop its subsidiaries in various lines of business in a sustainable and profitable manner. Reliability and expertise guide us in everything we do. We want our Group companies to be regarded as the most attractive option as suppliers, distributors and places to work. The Group also strives to develop and grow its real estate and other holdings.

We have long traditions in the import and wholesale business. However, we are much more than just a link in the distribution chain. We are an independent solutions provider, a responsible partner and an expert innovator. We create value both for our customers and for our suppliers, and their success is always our first priority.

Our values


We care about the success of our customers and other business partners. We take responsibility for our own actions and for Algol’s future.


We work together, as a team and in relation to all stakeholders, with enthusiasm, respect and commitment.


We believe in continuous improvement, agility and openness to new ideas.