Social responsibility


Algol aims to be an excellent and desirable partner for all its stakeholders. Employees are of vital importance to the company’s operations. As a family enterprise we foster entrepreneurship, smooth collaboration and the ability to react rapidly. Our committed and responsible employees work in accordance with our values. The most important task of our employees is to create long-term relations based on mutual trust with our customers and business partners.

Employees and employment

As a multi-branch company, Algol employs experts in numerous different fields. Typical jobs include sales and marketing tasks combined with special technical or healthcare expertise. The educational background of Algol’s employees ranges from vocational qualifications to university degrees.

Taking into consideration the diverse nature of our operations, it is an advantage to have employees with different backgrounds and experiences whose areas of expertise can be combined to provide services and solutions based on customer needs. Accordingly, we recruit employees with different backgrounds and of different ages depending on the prevailing situation and our needs at the time. We also offer internships and study places to young people to help them prepare for their future careers and acquire professional skills.

A business culture that encourages openness

We encourage our employees to engage in continuous dialogue and to make a difference by developing tools and methods that ensure openness. Our management practices support a leadership culture that values employees. Employee feedback channels for reporting near-miss situations and other concerns help highlight any deficiencies that are observed in our operations and operating environment. Managers and team leaders are trained and guided by uniform operating models to treat all employees fairly and equally.

Employee wellbeing and safety

Safety work at Algol focuses above all on preventing accidents. Risk assessments and safety reports are discussed regularly at management board meetings. Safety measures ensure that our facilities, equipment and tools are safe and suitable for their intended purposes. We continuously improve our operating methods and tools in order to enhance safety at all our locations and within both our own facilities and those of our customers. We aim to achieve zero occupational and other types of accidents. The safety of our operations is assessed by analysing accident frequency and the amount of sick leave caused by accidents. The wellbeing and satisfaction of employees is ensured by means of regular review and target setting discussions and feedback from employee surveys.

Training and development

We offer employees diverse tasks and excellent opportunities for developing their professional expertise. As an employer we act responsibly by encouraging employees to develop their personal skills and to balance their private and professional lives. The work atmosphere at Algol is motivating and supports learning new things.

Diversity, equality and ethical operations

Algol’s operations are based on our values and code of business conduct, which ensure that each employee is able to perform his or her work with high morals and to be treated at work in a way that respects human dignity. We apply our ethical guidelines to our practical work by means of regular training that applies to all employees in all our business units and in all our operating areas.

Active member of society

We are an active member of both the business community and society in general. We enable others to succeed and in this way promote employment and wellbeing in all our markets. Algol’s representatives hold important elected positions in numerous business and industry organisations, as well as in non-profit organisations. We also make major donations each year for the general good of society in the fields of science, the arts, environmental protection and social work, for example.