Substantial carbon footprint reduction with ISCC PLUS certified renewable and bio-circular ammonia distributed by Algol Chemicals

Press Release 25.5.2023

Algol Chemicals is the first company in the Nordic countries to supply ISCC PLUS certified low carbon ammonia to its customers. The increasing attention to climate change and consumer demand for greener products will increase further in the coming years. The company is now able to help its Finnish and Scandinavian customers to reduce their environmental impact with sustainable products. 

With ISCC PLUS certified renewable and bio-circular ammonia, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint significantly by 70-100% vs traditionally produced ammonia (reducing the carbon footprint from approx. 2 kg CO2 / kg N to very close to carbon neutral). 

“We are pleased to announce that we are now able to deliver ISCC PLUS certified renewable and bio-circular ammonia to our customers for whom carbon reduction is a high priority. The purchase of an ISCC certified ammonia is responsible procurement of biobased materials and thus promotes sustainable development”, says Peter Martens, Business Unit Director for Algol Chemicals.

The renewable and bio-circular ammonia is used in many different applications like metal treatment, NOx removal at power plants and incinerators, in various chemical processes and for ph-adjustment in fermentation processes etc. 

The renewable and bio-circular products will be available in the Finnish and Scandinavian markets as of June 2023, and it will be a huge step into a more environmentally friendly solutions with a significantly lower carbon footprint. The future long-term goal is to reach 0 by 2050.

Sustainability targets are an integral part of business strategy

Algol Chemicals has set its short-term sustainability targets for 2022-2024. The targets are based on the materiality assessment performed at the end of year 2021 and to the Algol Group’s sustainability targets. The targets also support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“With these targets and also the increasing product portfolio of more sustainable products we can meet the expectations of our stakeholders. It is important that we do our part in helping our customers to achieve their sustainability targets”, says Kalle Kettunen, CEO of Algol Chemicals.

More information

Peter Martens, Business Unit Director, Algol Chemicals, tel. +45 9394 8282.
Kalle Kettunen, CEO, Algol Chemicals, tel. +358 40 558 5478.

Algol Chemicals in brief

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