Algol Trehab offers new security system based on motion sensors for safe living

Press Release 1.6.2020

Algol Trehab Oy is launching in Finland its Sensoriina security system based on motion sensors. The service makes it safer for the elderly and other persons living alone to live at home for as long as possible. The sensor operates in the Sigfox network, which is a long-range radio network. This makes the service much more affordable than similar solutions that rely on mobile networks.

Protects privacy

Sensoriina uses data detected and collected by motion sensors. A door sensor and two or more wall-mounted motion sensors, depending on the size of the apartment, are installed in the home of the person living alone. Sensoriina only detects motion and does not use a camera that could record images or sound, so it does not infringe on personal privacy.

“Loved ones can view an activity report using an online app that shows daily movements inside the apartment or trips out and back inside. In addition, the app alerts via SMS if it detects exceptions to normal everyday activity,” says Maria Vulli, Product Manager at Algol Trehab.

Sensoriina also monitors the home when the person is traveling, in the hospital or otherwise away from home. In this case, it acts as a home security device that notifies of any unauthorised entry. The system allows loved ones to check that everything is as it should be from anywhere and at any time.

“Sensoriina helps keep loved ones informed, but it never replaces another person’s care and supervision. Instead, it brings security to the person living alone and peace of mind to their loved ones – especially now during the coronavirus pandemic,” Vulli adds.

Sigfox network cooperation with Connected Finland

The sensor is based on motion sensor technology developed by French software company KRG Corporate. The system operates on the global IoT network Sigfox. Sensoriina devices connect directly to the network, making the service not only safe and reliable but also easy to begin using.

In Finland, the Sigfox network is operated by Connected Finland Oy and already covers more than 90 percent of the Finnish population.

“The Sensoriina service developed by Algol Trehab utilises the nationwide IoT telecommunications network that we operate. Expectations for the service are high, as the service provides security for people living alone, their loved ones and caregivers,” says Tom Lindblad, one of the founders of Connected Finland Oy.

According to Johan Wulff, Managing Director of Algol Trehab, the Sigfox network also offers a significant advantage over other similar services.

“Sigfox is a so-called 0G network that it is able to transmit small amounts of data very inexpensively. As a result, Sensoriina is much more affordable than solutions that rely on mobile networks,” he says.

Digital services support living at home

Algol Trehab Oy is a supplier of traditional assistive devices. The company offers a wide selection of products for smoothing everyday life, including moving aids, sitting aids, lifting aids and transferring aids. New types of digital solutions such as Sensorina are further expanding the company’s range of services.

“Senior citizens today want to live at home for as long as possible. Sensoriina supports this by providing additional time for living safely at home. This is a new and exciting business for us. New technologies and digital services further support our goal of smoothing everyday life,” says Wulff.

Further information

Maria Vulli, Product Manager, Algol Trehab Oy, t. +358 400 799 192

Johan Wulff, Managing Director, Algol Trehab Oy, t. +358 50 343 8964

Tom Lindblad, Founder, Connected Finland Oy, t. +358 50 69 454


Sensoriina is available on Algol Trehab’s Oma Arki online store: www.omaarki.fi

Connected Finland Oy in brief

Connected Finland Oy is an IoT network operator with 14 employees in Espoo, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia, and net sales in 2019 of EUR 3.2 million. Almost 200,000 devices are already connected to the company’s nationwide IoT network, and the company has equipment and service solution clients in 37 countries. www.connectedfinland.fi

Algol Trehab Oy in brief

Algol Trehab is an expert in assistive devices. We offer our customers a wide selection of assistive devices designed to smooth everyday life from leading manufacturers. The products we represent are selected from the best on the market, and we take long-term responsibility for their functionality well into the future. We help our customers select the most suitable products, and we service them with expertise and experience. We serve customers in both the public and private sectors. Algol Trehab is part of the Finnish Algol Group. Find out more: www.algoltrehab.fi


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