Algol Group expresses its support for Ukraine - We adhere to international sanctions imposed against Russia

News 28.2.2022

The Algol Group has significant commercial interests in Russia, through affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as customers. We have considered Russia to be a stable and promising market, even if the political situation in the country has always entailed a certain degree of risk. We also have a long history of operations in Ukraine.

However, in relation to the war that Russia has started against Ukraine, we as a company cannot remain neutral. Algol strongly condemns the unjustified military actions on Russia’s part. It is equally clear that we support and adhere to all international sanctions imposed against Russia. This policy applies to all our companies.

Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian workers and their families. The safety of our employees is paramount to us in this situation. We are also doing our best to secure their livelihoods.

Further information:

Alexander Bargum, CEO, Algol Group, tel. +358 40 732 3232