Algol Chemicals offers Finnish solution to improving the quality of air in stables

Press Release 22.1.2019

Algol Chemicals has developed a new bedding additive for horse stables, Neutra, which improves the ability of the bedding to prevent the release of nitrogen as ammonia into the respiratory air. This significantly improves the quality of air inside stables by neutralizing harmful gases. The new product also improves the ability of the bedding to absorb moisture, while also improving the composting properties of the manure and bedding. 

Neutra is a composition of minerals, nutrients, anti-odour compounds and trace elements. It binds nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus compounds by buffering the pH to make it favourable for naturally occurring microbes. The product reduces the amount of harmful components emitted into the air, thereby improving the air quality.

“The suitable pH level combined with nutrients and trace elements improve the composting properties of the manure and bedding; instead of being released into the air, the nutrients are composted into nutrient-rich humus,” explains Harri Latonen, Business Development Manager at Algol Chemicals.

Neutra ensures biodegradability in conditions where vital composting components are lacking.

“This represents a big difference compared to using lime, for example, which inhibits microbial activity and prevents natural composting,” Latonen adds.

Neutra has been shown to have a significant beneficial impact on the wellbeing of both horses and people working in stables, as well as on helping to prevent respiratory illnesses. Eliminating odours is also important simply for creating a pleasant atmosphere inside the stable.

Absorption properties of bedding have a direct impact on the quality of air inside stables

Research conducted by Algol Chemicals demonstrated that the quality of bedding can be improved by using an additive. Neutra was found to improve the ability of the bedding to bind moisture and prevent ammonia emissions. The research was conducted among almost 170 stalls in six different stables.

The results of this research show that the biggest benefits of using Neutra were found in stables that used straw pellets, sawdust, shavings, wood pellets and straw for bedding. Stables with low ceilings and that used natural (gravity) ventilation and that did not have sufficient flows of fresh air benefitted the most from using the product.

On the basis of this research, it can be concluded that hygienic, clean and absorbent bedding has a direct impact on the quality of air inside the stables and therefore on the wellbeing and health of the horses, workers and riders.

Further information

Harri Latonen, Business Development Manager, Algol Chemicals, tel. +358 040 733 7873
Read more about the research results for Neutra.

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