Algol Chemicals achieves majority of its responsibility targets in 2022

Press Release 6.3.2023

At the beginning of 2022, we published our short-term responsibility targets for 2022-2024 in accordance with our strategy. These targets are based on a survey conducted within the company that clarified the key issues of our responsibility work in terms of our customers and other stakeholders. In 2022, we achieved the majority of our responsibility targets.

Concrete measures 

Algol Chemicals CEO Kalle Kettunen says that the company’s responsibility targets aim to ensure a healthy and well-functioning work community, the sustainable use of energy and resources, and continuous improvement in the quality of our operations. 

“For example, we monitor the wellbeing of employees by means of good leadership, regular review and target setting discussions, and occupational wellbeing surveys. Although the overall score for occupational wellbeing increased from the previous year, the overall score, however, decreased slightly. The results and improvement suggestions were discussed together with employees”, Kettunen says. 

Regarding the safety targets, in 2022, the safety walk target for individual employees was expanded to cover the majority of our employees. The impact was considerable, as the number of both safety walks and safety observations increased significantly. Despite the large number of safety walks and safety observations, we did not achieve our target of zero accidents.

As a distributor and packer of chemicals, the most significant environmental impacts are caused by the use of resources in our own production facilities, the storage of our products, and transportation. The company collects emissions data from product manufacturers, suppliers and transport companies.

“In 2022, we paid closer attention to the generation of waste due to product obsolescence. By monitoring product shelf life more effectively, optimising purchase quantities, and working together with supply chain operators, we were able to reduce the total amount of chemical waste by 53% compared to the previous year”, Kalle Kettunen mentions. 

Algol chemicals requires all its suppliers and subcontractors to sign our Supplier Code of Business Conduct. In addition, the company has guidelines and principles for selecting and assessing cooperation partners. The number of completed assessments fell short by one. 

More information on how the 2022 targets were achieved

We will tell more about our sustainability work during the spring, when Algol Group's first sustainability report is published. Read more about our sustainability.

More information

Kalle Kettunen, CEO, Algol Chemicals Oy, tel. +35840 558 5478, kalle.kettunen@algol.com.