Algol campaigns for workplace equality

Press Release 25.9.2018

Algol has joined the Work Does Not Discriminate campaign coordinated by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). The campaign aims to reduce discrimination in Finnish society. Algol believes it is important to do its part to promote a workplace culture in which equality is self-evident.

The right of all employees to be treated equally is written into Algol Group’s values and code of business conduct. These ethical guidelines apply not only to Algol’s employees, but also to our cooperation partners. Active measures are being taken within the company to promote a non-discriminatory work culture.

“Our ethical guidelines are put into practice through workplace training, which all our employees undergo regularly. It is important to us that our employees feel that they are treated equally and fairly. We make sure that none of our employees becomes the target of harassment or discrimination, for example by conducting employee surveys on a regular basis,” says Eija Holmström, Director, HR & Communications & Responsibility, for the Algol Group.

Algol believes firmly that employees with different backgrounds and experiences are a benefit to the business. The diversity of human resources also promotes cooperation for international companies like Algol.

“The Algol Group’s business comprises operations that are very different from each other, so it is very important that our organisation has employees of different ages, genders, backgrounds and nationalities. It enriches cooperation and gives us a broader perspective on topical issues,” Holmström believes.

Equality is part of Algol’s HR planning

Equal treatment is at the core of Algol’s HR policies. An equality plan is included in Algol’s annual HR planning, and its implementation is monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. Special attention is paid to the implementation of equality in recruiting, training, job performance evaluations, wellbeing in the workplace, and rewards and remuneration.

“To promote equality, we have begun evaluating the demands of different work tasks, for example. Salaries and wages are paid according to these demands, regardless of gender or geographic region,” Holmström adds.

Further information

Eija Holmström, Director, HR & Communications & Responsibility, Algol Oy, tel. +358 40 828 5496.

Campaign in brief

The Work Does Not Discriminate campaign is open to all companies and work communities in Finland, and its aim is to make non-discrimination a matter of principle for all. Participating organisations commit to promoting a work culture that is open to all and in which equality is self-evident. The campaign was launched on the initiative of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). https://eisyrji.fi/en/