Young leaders visit Algol

Press Release 11.6.2017
The Algol Group is participating in the “Thousand Young Leaders” project organised by Junior Chamber International Finland. The objective of the campaign is to bring together a thousand young people and business leaders to explore, experience and learn together what leadership means today. Following a day in the life of a business leader provides young people with an example of what kind of leadership and skills are required in business life. For the young participants the day represents both a personal challenge and an opportunity to gain experience that will help them build their own careers.

Eija Holmström was joined by Milla Kiisinen, who studies energy and environmental technology at Aalto University.
“Management today is a service profession,” Eija says. “What could be more important in management work than to create the conditions that enable the entire organisation and all its members to succeed in their work in the best possible way? Good management allows the entire organisation to prosper. It is the kind of work that I am glad to explain openly to everyone who is interested. The young engineering student got to experience a typical day in the life of a manager, including internal meetings, teleconferences and planning work. The day enabled a young person who is about to embark on her career to gain a better understanding of what lies ahead and her own potential for becoming a business leader one day.”

By participating in this campaign the Algol Group wants to raise its profile as a potential employee and to communicate the wide range of work opportunities available at Algol and our operations as a responsible and international family enterprise. The campaign continues next autumn, when we hope to receive even more visitors!

Further information about the project: http://1000nuortajohtajaa.fi