Building technology plays a key role in reducing electricity and energy consumption

Press Release 27.6.2017

Efficient energy use improves profitability and reduces environmental damage caused by emissions. Accordingly, we actively monitor energy consumption at our main location. By introducing new technical and lighting solutions at our head office, we have reduced electricity consumption by 12.9% and district heat consumption by 17% over the past five years

Numerous practical steps have been taken to improve our energy efficiency, such as:

  • ​Replacing our ventilation unit with a newer one
  • ​Replacing old printers with newer ones and in fewer numbers 
  • Gradually replacing the overhead lighting in our warehouses with more efficient lighting​
  • Using building technology to monitor energy consumption

At our head office our aim now is to prevent electricity and energy consumption from rising any further. We also plan to extend the monitoring of energy consumption to all Algol locations in the near future.