Operating on many branches of business

The Group comprises five subsidiaries that import and sell thousands of different products for industry and the healthcare sector. 

In addition, Algol Group companies offer services related to their business areas, such as design services, tailored delivery solutions, and installation, maintenance and training services. Algol Chemicals also has its own product manufacturing.

The Group is present in ten countries. Algol Diagnostics, Algol Technics and Algol Trehab operate in the Finnish market. In addition to Finland, Algol Chemicals has sites in Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine. Histolab Products has offices in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Our subsidiaries

Algol Chemicals Oy - www.algolchemicals.com
Algol Diagnostics Oy - www.algoldiagnostics.fi
Algol Technics Oy - www.algoltechnics.fi
Algol Trehab Oy - www.algoltrehab.fi
Histolab Products AB - www.histolab.se

Also Suomen Unipol Oy is a part of Algol Group (Algol's ownership 75 %).