Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) to package labels


A hot topic in the chemicals industry right now is the new UFI (Unique Formula Identifier). The new annex requires that the unique formula identifier (UFI) must be available for all relevant products. A UFI is a “Unique Formula Identifier” comprising a 16-character code that enables rapid and unambiguous identification of the information submitted on the mixture by any poison centre. 

The new annex requires the use of a new unique formula identifier (UFI) on labelling. The proposed amendment to the regulation proposes that the UFI code for products intended for industrial use can be communicated in the safety data sheets.

Submitting information to poison centres is mandatory for companies importing mixtures into the EU and making mixtures in the EU in all EU countries where the mixture is placed on the market. In addition, a distributor within the European Union, such as Algol Chemicals, must verify that the supplier of the product has submitted the required information. This information includes the identity of the mixture and the notifier, the product classification, warning label elements and product identifiers for the toxicity and components of the mixture.

The notification obligation applies to new mixtures placed on the market for consumer use as of January 2021, to new mixtures intended for professional use as of January 2021 and to new mixtures intended for industrial use as of January 2024. Changes to the Regulation have been proposed and new amendments are expected to be published next year.

Mixtures already on the market are subject to a transition period, according to which the UFI must be available for all relevant mixtures on the market by 1 January 2025.

Algol Chemicals has generated its first UFI codes

Algol Chemicals has taken steps to obtain the required information from its suppliers, and has already generated the first UFI codes for our own products. Information on the UFI codes of the products will be included in the safety data sheets as they become available.


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