Overall equipment availability at HKScan logistics centre rises to 98.6%


The logistics centre of Finnish food company HKScan in Vantaa sends out thousands of pallets of foodstuffs to different locations in Finland every single day. Algol Technics has served as HKScan’s maintenance partner since the early days of the logistics centre back in 2008. Algol employees are responsible for the reliability of equipment 24 hours a day, Mondays to Saturdays, in addition to which preventive maintenance tasks are carried out on weekends.

Reliable equipment is the key to effective logistics

To ensure the smooth running of the logistics centre, the maintenance partner has to have a good grasp of both technical expertise and business operations

“Thanks to our long-term partnership, Algol has not only all the technical expertise that is required, but also a good understanding of our business operations, for example peak seasons, schedules and our customer pledge. They are also capable of self-guided work,” confirms Kimmo Laukka, head of HKScan’s logistics centre.

The logistics centre is a vital hub whose efficiency extends widely to other functions. Any equipment downtime is first felt in the centre’s collecting operations, which can slow down or stop altogether as a result.

“Product life is very limited in the food industry, as the expiration date arrives very quickly. We have a customer pledge that promises deliveries within 48 hours of receiving the order. If a customer orders a product on Monday, it will be on their shelves on Wednesday. Reliable equipment really is the key to our success,” Laukka says.

Systematic preventive maintenance keeps availability high and extends the service life of the centre

Systematic preventive maintenance has resulted in continuous annual improvements to overall equipment availability. Right now, equipment availability at the 12-year-old logistics centre is an impressive 98.6%.

“When volumes are this massive, even the tiniest improvement in overall availability has significant benefits on an annual level,” says Pekka Suoranta, who is in charge of the customer relationship with HKScan at Algol Technics.

“Considering that availability has improved each year while the logistics centre is getting older, we are certainly satisfied with the situation,” Laukka adds.

Benefits of maintenance cooperation for HKScan

  • Continuous improvement to overall equipment availability
  • Preventive maintenance extends service life of equipment
  • Comprehensive technical expertise supplied by Algol Technics
  • Algol Technics understands HKScan’s business thanks to long-term cooperation


HKScan Corporation is a publicly listed meat and food company with over one hundred years of experience in responsible Nordic food production for customer and consumer needs. The company's home markets cover Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. The company’s strong consumers brands are HK®, Kariniemen®, Via®, Scan®, Pärsons®, Rakvere®, Tallegg® and Rose®. In 2018, HKScan’s net sales were EUR 1.7 billion.

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